"Every child I play this for is simply entranced, and my inner kid is sold." -Jake Austen, Roctober Magazine

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Future Hits Curriculum

Future Hits Enrichment

"While entertainment is the [music's] main goal, education is also important." -School Library Journal

Future Hits Enrichment is an educational program that's available in English and Spanish and can be used in the following settings: After-School Enrichment, Parent Programs, Family Nights, Assemblies, School Workshops and Homeschooling. Our program offers and can help to:

  • Build literacy through music
  • Reach English and Spanish-speaking learners with bilingual songs
  • Differentiated assessments and activities
  • Emphasis on Social Emotional Learning
  • Meet all learners at their developmental and language level
  • Taught by professional musicians and teachers
  • Implemented by Chicago Public Schools, Montessori, Suburban School Districts, Columbia College and Urban Gateways

Contact Matthew Baron on the adjacent form or e-mail him to implement Future Hits Enrichment in your learning community.

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