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    Night Moon - Long i (ie/igh) and the SEL outcome is: Demonstrate control of impulsive behavior

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    Cross the Street - “ly” & "ful" suffixes, adverbs and the SEL outcome is: Identify social norms and safety considerations that guide behavior

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The Huffington Post says...

"Already heavily involved with the Chicago music scene as a founder of Coach House Sounds and a musician with a couple of bands, [Chicago Public Schools teacher] Baron has always had a knack for music, so it's really only natural that it would begin to seep into his lesson plans. And it's also not surprising that the music, hardly resembling "KidzBop"-type jams, is actually really good." - Joseph Erbentraut

School Library Journal says...

"Led by educator and musician Matt Baron, the Chicago based rock group Future Hits is comprised of bassist/flautist Emma Hospelhorn and drummer Ben Sutherland. The 10 original songs in this collection cover topics familiar to children, such as visiting the library, grandpa’s farm, the bright light of the moon, and family road trips. While entertainment is one of the album’s main goals, education is also important. Each song addresses curriculum areas such as vocabulary lessons and social/emotional learning outcomes, all of which are detailed in the liner notes. Also included are the Common Core Standards that each song fulfills. With the implementation of these standards in classrooms across the country, these songs, with running times of about two minutes, would be easy to include in current lesson plans. A solid addition to collections where Common Core support materials are needed."–Veronica De Fazio, Plainfield Public Library, IL